Victorino Noval’s Thanksgiving: Media and the Native American

Victorino Noval’s Thanksgiving: Media and the Native American

Beverly Hills, CA — (SBWIRE) — 12/17/2012 — The Victorino Noval Foundation’s annual Thanksgiving event at Noval’s Beverly Hills estate hosted a fireside media panel discussion .

Noval notes: “ With the new LONE RANGER movie coming out, we who are involved with the media have a chance to make things better for the American Indians.

Johnny Depp, who is part Native American, will plays Tonto in the movie, and Justin Bieber’s mom Patty Moilette recently enlisted my help. The Indian nation within our country is our treasure”.“Depp’s new film role will be in a narrative form from Tonto’s point of view.

Attendees included descendants of Geronimo, Anapay and Sitting Bull, Prince Cyrus Pahlavi, whose grandmother, the Shah’s twin sister Princess Ashraf of Iran, was active during her lifetime in support of descendants of the non-Persian Iranian tribes and maintaining awareness of their cultural history.

Victorino states: “John Wayne did less damage to the native American than the film CASINO JACK. I wonder if Kevin Spacey even realized that American youth are educated by watching films, and the portrayal of Indians as fat cats is especially misleading.

He continues, “Far too few of us think of the meaning of Thanksgiving; Abraham Lincoln succumbed to media pressure and finally made it into a National Holiday.” Noval feels, “We don’t need more pictures like AVATAR where the natives people have to be saved by the violence of the tall blond white man.”

According to a “Survey of Grant Giving by American Indian Foundations and Organizations” by Native Americans in Philanthropy, the needs of reservation Indians are so great that even if the total annual Indian gaming revenue in the country could be divided equally among all the Indians in the country, the amount distributed per person would still not be enough to raise Indian per capita income (currently $11,259) to anywhere near the national average of $21,587.

Prince Cyrus Pahlavi states, “ Exploitation of native tribes has been a worldwide phenomenon that must be reversed. I think Victorino Noval, through his Foundation, is making a good start with the American Tribes. It’s very significant in a period of globalization that Victorino and his group are concerned with cherishing ethnic individuality.”

It is of note that our former President Abraham Lincoln was a officer in the Indian Wars prior to the Civil War and is known to have saved natives during the Civil War from unnecessary slaughter.

Noval concludes, “It’s a great day when people worry as much about losing descendants of tribes as much as the elimination of the buffalo. Maybe the ‘presidential pardon’ should not only ‘pardon’ a turkey, but be extended to embrace our original American partners who helped us create the great tradition of Thanksgiving.”

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